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Does Delphi Metals have a retail store?

            We run an online retail store, we have our retail stores  in Lagos and Abuja.   

How can I trust that I will get everything that I am paying for?
            Customers are naturally cautious when shopping on the Internet. This is especially true when it comes to expensive and emotionally important purchases. We at Delphi Metals value our integrity and the brand name, we can assure you that all you are paying for will be delivered to you in good condition.

Do I have to pay before delivery?
            Its a matter of choice, You can decide to make the total payment before delivery or expore the option of making a deposit of 50% and upon delivery pay the balance of 50% (Only available to customers in Lagos and Abuja).

How long does it take to deliver?
             It takes between 2 to 3 weeks after confirmation of the order placed. There are instances where delivery could be delayed due to circumstances beyond our control. e.g Customs clearing delays in Nigeria, Weather, Cargo Airline Delays etc In the event of any delays, we would communicate with you.  

How do I know my ring size?
             We have a dedicated page on a do-it-yourself way of getting your ring size. Kindly click on how to get my ring size for instructions

Do you do ring exchange ?
             Yes we do, as long as the tag on the jewelry is intact.

What is rhodium plating?
             White gold products are routinely electroplated with a very expensive metal called rhodium, Rhodium is a platinum group metal that is intrinsically white and lustrous. Gold alloys are not pure white because they contain a high percentage of yellow gold. Rhoduim is what gives white gold it’s bright white look. Because plating deposits a very thin layer of metal over the alloy, it is possible for it to wear off and reveal areas of the yellowish metal beneth. How oftern a piece of jewelry will need to be replated to retain its bright white appearance is affected by several factors; Lifestyle, body chemistry, and exposure to certain chemicals in the environment.

What type of metal alloys does Delphi Metals use?
              Our gold products are either 10K, 14k or 18k.  14K is 58.3% pure gold and 41.7% other metals that give gold the hardness to be durable in jewelry.  18K is 75% pure gold.  White gold is an alloy of metals that give the metal hardness and whiteness.  Nickel is normally used in this alloy.  White gold products, because they are not pure white, are normally plated with rhodium to give the metal a bright white luster.Our platinum products are made with 95% pure platinum and 5% irridium.

In which currency are your prices listed?
              All prices are listed in Nigerian Naria and US Dollars and other currencies.

What forms of payments do you accept?
              For online purchases, you can make payment using your Mastercard or Visa Card on our payment page, or decide to make bank payments.

How do I place my order?
              We try to make it as easy as possible!  You can order securely online through our website, or by sending email to info@delphimetals.com with the items you would like to order, or by calling 09090000841, 09090000548 or 09090000837

Is my order insured while in transit?
              Yes.  All outbound  Delphi Metals shipments are insured until the package is picked up. 

Do you ship/deliver internationally
              Yes we do ship outside/deliver internationally for a fee. Contact us on info@delphimetals.com for more info