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Lifetime Guarantee

All jewelry purchases from Delphi Metals come with Delphi Metals' Lifetime Guarantee. Your Delphi Metals jewelry purchase includes a lifetime guarantee against the loss or damage to the jewelry's setting or accent stones. It also includes a Three Months replacement guarantee against the loss of your jewelry's center stone.


Guarantee Information
If you lose an accent gemstone or diamond from your jewelry item, Delphi Metals will replace that accent gemstone with a gemstone of similar quality. If your setting is ever damaged, Delphi Metals will repair, remake or replace the setting or center gemstone, at its sole discretion. If you lose a side gemstone or your setting is damaged, you must send the jewelry back to Delphi Metals, with your original purchase receipt. If you are unable to provide the original purchase receipt, you must include the name of the original purchaser and the approximate date of purchase. If your center gemstone is lost from the original setting within 3 Months of purchase, Delphi Metals will replace the gemstone at its cost. If your center gemstone is ever chipped or broken, without extraordinary wear, tear, use, or abuse, in its original setting, Delphi Metals will replace the gemstone with one equal in quality and value to your original gemstone. If you lose your center gemstone within Three (3) Months of purchase, or if your center gemstone is ever chipped or broken, you must send the piece back to Delphi Metals, along with your original purchase receipt. Center gemstone replacement is limited to once per lifetime of the purchaser. Replaced center gemstones are not warranteed

This guarantee does not cover damage to jewelry other than that incurred in normal wear. This guarantee does not cover lost jewelry. Improper repair or service performed by a third party other than Delphi Metals will void this guarantee. This guarantee is non-transferrable. All guarantee claims under the Delphi Metals' Lifetime Guarantee must be made by the original purchaser or the original gift recipient. This guarantee does not cover losses or damage by any successor owner of the jewelry, including but not limited to, second-hand purchasers, heirs or assigns. You must provide identifiable pieces of the jewelry for Delphi Metals to honor this guarantee. If Delphi Metals determines that it did not manufacture the original piece, it is under no obligation to honor this guarantee. Lifetime Guarantee does not apply to non-jewelry purchases.